'You Mean My Whole Fallacy is Wrong?'

A Multi-Fandom Experience

Aaron Ramsey of Arsenal signs for Elite Models

All pictures credits to the photographers : Rio Romaine and Benn Healy and the stylist Calvin Opaleye for Rio Romaine’s pictures.

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Oh, we’re going to miss you Pat Rice. (Arsene will agree.) At least we’ll send you off with a nail-biting win that secures Arsenal a spot in the Champions League. Arsene pretty much summed up my feelings about the WBA match: I am still thinking of suing the referee for the five minutes of added time because my heart suffered immensely!” You and me both, Le Boss. One thing is for sure, it’s never boring to be a Gooner. Strap in, and prepare yourself for a roller coaster of a ride.

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Verma just lies back and think of Arsenal, huh? LOL. Nice to know who’s the dominant one in the RvP/Verma bromance…


“You just take it.” LOLOLOL

Happy 22nd Birthday to Wojciech Szczesny and 26th Birthday to Lukasz Fabianksi!

Happy birthday to our two Poles in goal! <3

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